FFK Strikes Again With Another Truth

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FFK Strikes Again With Another Truth

Baron Roy wrote the following:

The Sham called “One Nigeria”

Northern Nigeria plays regional politics
Southern Nigeria plays party politics
Northern Nigeria rules the polity
Southern Nigeria slaves for the polity
Northern Nigeria takes the oil, the gold and the offices
Southern Nigeria takes the crumbs that falls off the table of Northern Nigeria
Northern Nigeria controls the resources
Southern Nigeria stares at the resources from a distance.
Northern Nigeria fights for the North
Southern Nigeria works for the North.

This is our “One Nigeria”…
Zamfara Gold is for the North
Taraba Diamond is for the North
Bauchi Uranium is for the North
Nasarawa Gypsum is for the North
Kogi Tourmaline is for the North

But oil and gas from the East and Niger Delta are for the North and South!

It shall not be well with all proponents of this despicable type of “one Nigeria”!

And more.
Billions of dollars every year
Not reflected in the federation account
Mining licenses secretly given
Money secretly made
Not shared with Southern Nigeria
But VAT from Lagos
Oil from Niger Delta
Gas from Eastern oilfields
Are forcefully shared to all Nigeria
And controlled by Northern Nigeria.

Yet we claim to have a federation
Where the monkey is made to work
And the baboon is made to flex
But people refuse to see the injustice
That happens to be a policy in this contraption!

The North has absolute right to the Gold
The South has no right to her oil
Yet you tell me about a “One Nigeria”
When obviously, there are TWO Nigerias.

It is #confederacyOrDissolution. This injustice is unbearable! This nonsense has just got to stop already!

For those that support this injustice
Injustice would never depart from your homes ever
This I pray in the name of God Almighty


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  1. Titus Devan says

    In my estimation, onegist.com.ng does a good job of covering topics of this type. While sometimes deliberately polemic, the posts are in the main well researched and challenging.

  2. Lonnie Muzio says

    I more or less share your take on this subject and look forward to additional posts and comments here at onegist.com.ng. Keep up the good work!

  3. Winston Bitsko says

    Love the website– extremely easy to navigate and much to consider!

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