5 Things You Must Not Accept In A Relationship

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1. A man who claims not to have time or resources to contact you daily…if you reach out for a couple of days and he isn’t responding the least he should….sis…he isn’t serious about you. If you beg a guy to call you.. Trust me that guy doesn’t care. A guy does most of the Chasing not a lady..Relationship is a two way traffic not a one way traffic.. As a lady you deserve love, care and attention from your man…

2. If he insults you, calls you all sorts of name whenever you both have a disagreement…. Dear Sis….verbal abuse is killing! It could make you have a low self esteem Stay away 🙄 you won’t be able to manage it!

3. Sis…another very key thing you can’t manage is domestic violence oh! Don’t tell me it was a mistake. If you as much as smell the tendency even while you guys are dating ….babe…stay away. Don’t wait for practicals on your body when you eventually get married!

4. As a lady you cannot manage an authoritative man. Haaa….don’t go there, don’t sit there, don’t brush your teeth. Don’t comb your hair, Dear Sis please don’t marry an Indiamin in the name of love. Aunty ..you can’t manage it oh. Na marriage you wan marry, No be slavery. If he won’t listen to you and allow you air your opinion and views on issues….babe….flee! If he sees you only as a property belonging only to the kitchen and the other room….Sis ….flee!
“You have so much potentials to harness”

5. Sis…most importantly and lastly …. If you are born again….and he is not….please don’t manage his “unborn againness”…. Don’t tell me you will change him oooo…..many ladies are suffering in marriages today because they refused to tell themselves the truth..Light and darkness can’t walk together.

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